2022 Season Pass

By Iron Horse Theatre Company (other events)

Wed, Dec 1 2021 1:00 PM EDT Sat, Jun 25 2022 1:00 PM EDT

We have an amazing 2022 season lined up for you at the Iron Horse Community Theatre.

I’ll start with our concerts. We have one of Pittsburgh’s top jazz artists, Thomas Wendt on February 12. On May 21 we have a true soul R&B songstress from Boston, Kim Tavares. Then coming back for the second year in a row is New York’s singer/songwriter/pianist and amazing entertainer Jacob Khalil on July 30. The Grateful Dead music celebration is on September 24. We finish our concert season on November 26 with a very talented singer/songwriter from Nashville, the beautiful and talented Alana Solomon.

Our first Friday Standup Comedy Night for the new year will be Friday, February 11.  We also have Standup Comedy Nights on May 20, July 29, September 23, and November 25. As mentioned on Saturday February 12 we will have our first concert night of the 2022 season. It will be part of our special comedy/concert Valentine’s weekend. 

Also, in 2022 we will be performing 2 plays and 2 musicals. We start in June with the funny, but very touching play, The Boys Next Door. Then in August we perform the off-Broadway hit musical, The Mad Ones. In October we will be performing the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning drama, Doubt: A Parable. In December we will finish our season with the hilarious musical, [title of show]. It will be an amazing season with 5 comedy nights, 5 concerts, 2 plays, and 2 musicals.

The Season Pass is good for 6 admissions to any show (standup comedy nights, concerts, musicals, or plays). When you are ready to use your Season Pass please go to and click on any of the "Buy Tickets" buttons for the show(s) or event(s) you want to attend. Then go through the normal ticket purchasing process . You will be able to choose your own show dates and seats. When you see the words, “Have a Discount Code?” click on that and enter your code. Your “Discount Code” will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchasing your Season Pass. This will cancel out the cost of the tickets. Your Season Pass of 6 admissions can be used in any combination of ways. For example, you can spread them out and attend 6 different shows throughout the season (i.g.: 1 standup comedy night, 1 concert, 1 for each of our two plays and 1 for each of our two musicals). Or you can invite a friend and attend 3 shows (2 admissions for each show). Use them for yourself or invite friends to use them with you. Any way you want to use your "admissions" is up to you. For questions please call (724) 263-0075.