2023 Season Pass

By Iron Horse Theatre Company (other events)

2 Dates Through Jun 17, 2023

Save money and purchase a Season Pass! Our Season Pass is good for 6 admissions to any of our shows! Why not see one of each? For example, attend 1standup comedy night, 1 concert, 3 plays and our musical.

Regular price would be $120.00.           
Season Pass Price:  Only $100.00!

That's a $20.00 savings, or it's like buying tickets for five shows and getting the sixth show for free. 

How to use the Season Pass: Within 24 hours after you purchase the season pass, you will be emailed a discount code. When you are ready to choose the events you want to attend, go online just like you normally would to purchase your tickets and choose your seats. When you see the indication for a discount code, type in your code and it will give you a 0 balance. You can do this 6 times for a season pass. 

We have an amazing 2023 season lined up for you at the Iron Horse Community Theatre.

I’ll start with our concerts. Thanks to a Heinz Endowment Grant, we will have another amazing concert series in 2023. More specific details are coming to this website soon, but we will have 5 incredible concerts beginning on Valentine's Day Weekend, February 11th. The other concerts dates are May 20, July 22, September 23, and November 25. On September 23 we will be having an all day Latin American celebration outside and inside the theatre. This mostly free event will have arts and crafts making for the kids to participate in. We will also have handcrafted items from Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Ecuador for sale from venders set up on the sidewalks outside the theatre, and food trucks with Mexican, Argentinian, and Peruvian food. We will also feature a Mariachi band playing on our outdoor stage with Mexican Folklore dancers in full costumes. We will also be featuring Peruvian dancers, and live Bossa Nova guitar music inside the theatre. Salsa dance lessons will be available (for a small fee) inside the theatre on the second floor. So wear your dancing shoes!  Our evening concert (regular concert prices) will complement our free all day event. The concert will feature Flamenco music with singers and dancers in full costumes. Don't miss this amazing Latin American cultural experience!

Our first Friday Standup Comedy Night for the new year will be Friday, February 10.  We also have Standup Comedy Nights on May 19, July 29, September 23, and November 25. Our Saturday February 10th show will be part of our special comedy/concert Valentine’s weekend. 

Also, in 2023 we will be performing 3 plays and 1 musical. We start in June with the very touching story, I and You. I and You is an ode to youth, life, love, and the strange beauty of human connectedness. Then in August we perform a play called, Now and Then. Now and Then is a heartfelt romantic comedy about the important choices we make in life and about the people we spend our life with. In October we will be performing the acclaimed play, Proof. The play won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play. Proof is a work that explores mental illness and the value of caretaking. It is the story of an enigmatic young woman, Catherine, her manipulative sister, and their brilliant father. In December we finish our season with the wonderful autobiographical musical, Tick, Tick, ... Boom! The musical is about Jonathan Larson, the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning composer of Rent. It is the story of the sacrifices he made to achieve his big break in musical theatre. Containing fourteen songs, ten characters, three actors, and a band, Tick, Tick, ... Boom! takes you on the playwright/composer's journey that led to his Broadway blockbuster. For questions please call (724) 263-0075.