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Standup Comedy Night

By Iron Horse Theatre Company (other events)

15 Dates Through Nov 24, 2023


Get ready for the new Standup Comedy Night season at Iron Horse Community Theatre! The Iron Horse Theatre Company begins its 2023 season in February with a stand-up comedy night. Our first Friday Standup Comedy Night for the new year will be Friday, February 10. It will be part of our special comedy/concert Valentine’s weekend. We also have Standup Comedy Nights on May 19, July 21, September 22, and November 24. So, grab a drink and a snack and be prepared to laugh your a#% off! 

The show dates and comedians are as follows:

       February 10 Headliner: Johnny Lee Dam

       May 19 Headliner: Hunter Roberts

       July 21 Headliner: TBA

       September 22 Headliner: Mo Alexander

       November 24 Headliner:  TBA

Doors open at 7:00. Shows start at 7:30. General Admission tickets are $20.00. Seniors (64+) and students are $18.00. 

Our February 10 full lineup:

Headliner: Johnny Lee Dam - Johnny has been performing comedy ever since he could utter a sentence. As the resident class clown, he deprived his fellow students of any semblance of a public education. Fortunately, it didn’t stop there.  A native of Los Angeles, Johnny began his actual comedy career in December of 1991. After a six-week class at a community college, he delivered his first five-minute set and was hooked for life!  Since then he has toured throughout the U.S., Canada, traveled into war zones to entertain the troops, starred in a national commercial, produced and hosted his own 2x award winning radio show in the LA talk radio market, and written and directed two short films. If he looks familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen him most recently on Fox Sports, or TMZ Live.  His shotgun-like delivery and scope of material has made him a crowd favorite among all ages and demographics… except his parents… they still don’t know where they went wrong.  Johnny gives the audience what it wants. But beware, Johnny's humor is brutally honest, and if asked to define comedy he will tell you that every joke has a victim, and the only thing funnier than the truth is the painful truth.

Feature: Chrissy Costa - Chrissy is a stand-up comedian and writer. She also does all kinds of other things to pay her bills. She loves red flags, Manhattans, “swimming” in above ground pools, and stealing. Oh, and she’s funny as @#$*.  Catch her live on stage. Catch her hosting a tour aboard The Burgh Bus ( - Catch her running off with your girlfriend. She’s not hard to catch; her back hurts and she has plantar fasciitis…

Feature: Ronnie Fleming - Ronnie is a New York-based comedian and writer who has performed in comedy clubs, bars, and breweries all over the country. Originally from rural Maryland, Ronnie is lovable and self-deprecating as he tells true stories of working out with his mom, giving a woman his watch at a bar then asking her to mail it back, and living at a doggy daycare center for 5 years. His short film, Roman Ruin, was recently featured at the Big Apple Film Festival.

Host: Amanda Averell - Amanda is born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a stand up comedian, writer, producer, podcast host, co-owner of the Burning Bridges Comedy Club, actor, educator, coach & improviser. Her quick wit, unique perspective & self deprecating sense of humor have made Amanda a rising comic to watch and a festival favorite across the country. Amanda has opened for Todd Barry, Mick Foley, Nic Nemeth (WWE’s Dolph Ziggler), Todd Glass, Dave Ross, Brandie Posey, Shane Torres & more!